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"Knowledge is the path to success"

The hallmark of a good education is one that arouses in every student the desire for Inspiration, Innovation and Discovery. The leaders of tomorrow will be those who will be inspired to achieve great things, driven to innovate and have an eternal quest for discovering new things, blazing new trails. At Minerva we strive to kindle these sentiments among students so that they will realize that learning is more than memorising books and passing exams.

My message to our students is that every successful career starts with good education. Together with us you will have deeper knowledge of the subjects that will be especially useful for you when climbing the career ladder. You will find that our vibrant residential campus is designed not only to develop skills but also to build relationships that last a lifetime.

I invite parents and students to share this exciting journey with us.

Chief Mentor
Dr. Gopal Saxena
PhD, MBA, B.Tech (IIT Delhi)

Chairman’s Message for Parents and Prospective students

Welcome To Minerva Polytechnic,

Minerva Polytechnic Indora provides a warm, caring, stimulating and challenging environment for our students to learn and grow, both mentally and physically. We aim to provide an education that explores and strengthens the potential which is innate in every individual but awaiting expression. In order to do so, we seek to provide an environment which enriches the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of the pupil in and atmosphere that is happy and nurturing. Emphasis is thus placed on promoting personal achievement and building a sense of responsibility. Our Polytechnic is blessed with three ingredients for success, namely quality engineering, an environment enriched by strong ethical foundation and a great location. The combination benefits our students in shaping their minds.

While we assure that we will do our best to provide your children a conducive environment at college, we expect parents to ensure a supporting environment as well. If you have any question or concern that arise throughout the college year, please free to contact teachers or the college office. I hope that every student will have an enjoyable, rewarding and positive experience at Minerva Polytechnic, Indora. All the staff and student deserve special thanks for their excellent efforts in building up the college.

Our goal is to challenge and encourage our students to develop their talent and skill to its fullest potential so as to enable them to contribute positively as good citizens in the modern world.

I would like to end by saying that   “Journey of thousand miles start with the first step, but the first step is the most difficult one".

Er. J.S.Patial

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